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ask me tings   look at you.

you look just lik a lil ole earthquake.


ain't no order in this courtroom,
ya'll all going to jail.

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does no one realize that robin hood was a terrible role model for young kids? i mean you are stealing from people (illegal) and those people (usually) worked hard to get their wealth. it really demotivates people to succeed when they know they can get something someone else worked for.

is this what rich people worry about lmao

who knew the sheriff of nottingham had a blog



Reblogging again because its pitiful how this person totally missed the point of robin hood. But the privileged rarely understand systematic shit. Lol.

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She was full of shit way back then. Lmao.

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My puppy is so cute, you can’t stand it!

My puppy is so cute, you can’t stand it!

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I been gone for a minute but here I’m is.

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Anonymous asked: Isaac is having sex with shon, and likely pondering what dicks he can get his hands on. WHY are you weeping and wailing on twitter every other day because that gay man didn't want you? Meanwhile your girlfriend probably does want you but you are on twitter complaining that you are trading sex in the girlfriend experience in exchange for room and board?


You are hella pitiful. Like extremely. My girlfriend and I love each other, so don’t you dare try and belittle me or us with your uninformed opinion. You obviously weren’t paying attention when I discussed my relationship. Stability does always/only mean money, honey. Now, you can take your comments about isaac elsewhere because they are laced with homophobia and since you all in my business you should know that’s not gonna fly with me. I share on Twitter because I want to, but still I do not owe anyone explanations. If you really were about some shit, you’d come at me directly, not anonymously.

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